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May Specials

Keratin Smoothing Treatments 

*with Rama*
20% off


Silky Smooth Hair

Cuts Blow Dry Time in 1/2

Great for damaged hair, its like putting a wet suit on each hair shaft to protect it from further damage.

The reason keratin treatments are so amazing is there is something to cater for all hair types now. A lot of people have more than one texture in their hair, for example, they can have frizzy hairlines, while the rest is smooth and easy to work with. We can customize and find the perfect match for your desired results. 

Facial Special


Your Skin is the largest organ in your body. Like your body your skin also needs to be nourished. These vitamins and nutrients are contained in these concentrated serums especially selected for your specific skin care needs and applied generously to your face, neck and decollete. 

Follicle Filler

*with Daniela*
15% off 
5/1 - 5/31

The Ultimate in Repairing Dry Hair

Follicle Filler was created with you in mind. Targeting damage, breakage, and loss of structure for all hair types. Our goal? To give you back more of your free time, by giving us only 30 minutes of yours.

The results = 30 days of strengthened, healthy, gorgeous hair, brought to you by the latest technology in hair restoration that’s proven to reverse damaged hair follicles at a cellular level.

Salon Products

BUY 4,

So many times I've said, wouldn't it be nice to get up to 20% off coupon just when I needed product. Well, now you can get that discount whenever you like.

Its great making your own sale day for AVEDA products!

When you buy four products at the Village Salon, you get the 5th item for free. You can mix and match Aveda, PCA Skin Care, VS Clean, VS Nurture or Vanity cosmetics. You can even get shower caps, hair brushes or the new mist water bottles. Your're Saving when ever you want, no limit!

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